name Eleanor Rice
birth date and age June 28th, 1981 + 37
occupation Fashion Designer
residence London, UK
relationship status Single
Eleanor Nina Rice (born 28 June 1981) is an English novelist and contributing editor at British Vogue. She is the second child of financial analyst, Douglass Rice, and pianist and socialite, Rosaline Rice (nee Walsh).

Raised in London, Rice was educated at Watford Grammar School for Girls. Shortly after graduating in 1999 Rice married her professor, Christopher Hensley, son of oil tycoon Winston Hensley. She completed her A-Levels and was accepted at Middlesex University, London, where she planned to study English literature and journalism, but dropped out after her first year.

Following her husband's suicide in 2001, Rice returned to her parents home and began to pen an autobiography titled, "Manumission: Her Road to Freedom", where she detailed their abusive relationship and his family's efforts to cover it up. The book was published in 2001 and was also excerpted as a cover story in Time magazine. Shortly thereafter, the Hensley family attempted to sue Rice for slander.

Rice survived the intense media attention by relocating to Chicago, IL and opening a floral boutique called, Kabloom!. The goal was to reinvent herself. Rice, who always had an interest in high fashion, was a guest columnist for various Chicago publications.

At the start of 2010, Rice moved to Boston, Massachusetts with her then boyfriend, Lucas Kincannon, but frequently traveled to New York where she became an A-list guest on the social scene. Often photographed with her elite circle of friends featuring actresses, musicians and socialites.

In 2011, Rice made her catwalk debut modeling for Fendi at London's Fashion Week. She was also announced as the face of the Australian fashion line Dotti. She signed a six-figure modeling deal to become the face of Miss Ultimo, but dropped the contract the same year when offered a position at Conde Nast writing for Harper's Bazaar.

On the 16th of June in 2012, Rice married her long-time boyfriend, photographer, Lucas Kincannon in the Maldives. After 6-months of marriage Rice abruptly relocated to New York and was promoted to editor of Harper's Bazaar. The couple attempted long distance but later announced that they had amicably decided to end their marriage. It was not until August 2014 that their divorce was finalized with Kincannon receiving an undisclosed settlement.

Following her divorce, Eleanor returned to London and submerged herself in work. During her reign, revenue for the magazine doubled and tensions were eased. Eleanor had a promising future at the London office, but her personal life was spiraling out of control. She found herself going out every night, spending money frivolously and caught up with some of the city's seediest individuals. However, there were some moments of clarity. Her brief courtships with Jack Albott, an aerospace engineer, and Seth Rosenfeld, account for Condé Nast; were the only times when Eleanor found herself pulling away from her destructive lifestyle and focusing on a potential future. Naturally, when those relationships ended, Eleanor found herself swept up once again.

Her ultimate unraveling would come months later when Eleanor found herself involved with a man that was spoken for. Like most affairs, their relationship was very innocent at first. They would meet for coffee or take an exercise class together (mostly they went for runs), but after a while they found that they enjoyed each others company more than they should. What was only supposed to be a one-time thing turned into a standing appointment and a need for one another. Too ashamed of her choices, Eleanor, a natural extrovert, retreated into herself.

The affair lasted 6-months. Every time he crawled out of her bed she swore it would be the last time, but even she knew then (without admitting it out loud) that it was too late. She was in love with him. She begged him to leave his fiance and run away with her, but the inked prenup and the upcoming birth of their child prevented him from doing so. And everyday their secret gnawed at her heart. Whenever she saw them out in public together she was driven deeper into the darkness. Drunk or doped up, she would text him excessively threatening to tell Esme, but all it took were a few sweet reassurances from Thomas to talk her off the ledge.

Her personal life was becoming all the more consuming, and Eleanor found it difficult to keep up with everything else. She was missing deadlines at work and canceling appearances. There were times when her friends and family wouldn't be able to get ahold of her for days because she was out of the country on a bender somewhere. It wasn't until she was confronted by her loved one that she made the decision in mid-September to leave London and check herself into a treatment facility in America. Thomas visited a handful of times, but in October 2015 she officially ended their relationship.

Eleanor remained in treatment for months. First to detox, then to work through everything else. In February of 2016, she was released from treatment and relocated to Manhattan. She returned to work at Condé Nast part-time before launching her own fashion label, a project that had been in the works for years. In the first quarter her brand generated more than 60 million in sales. Within 6-months she had earned a permanent seat at New York Fashion Week. In November 2016, Eleanor Rice won Designer Brand of the Year at the British Fashion Awards. Known initially for its dresses and luxury handbags, her brand now includes denim, cosmetics and fragrances. That same year, while riding the wave of success, she would be visited by an old friend, newly divorced, and find herself treading on familiar turf.

In September of 2017, Eleanor Rice was the most talked about designer on Twitter during New York Fashion Week.

Eleanor currently lives with her adopted daughter, Luella Bea, and her fiance, Thomas Clark, in Tarrytown with their two dogs. On January 13, 2018, Eleanor gave birth to their first child, Eliza Jane Clark, 7 weeks early.
basic information
birth name:Eleanor Nina Rice
nickname(s): Ellie, El
astrological sign: Cancer
Family: Luella Bea
(adopted daughter 8/15/14)
Eliza Jane
(daughter 1/12/18)
height/weight:: 5'10.5 and 130 lbs.
education:B.A. in Art History from Oxford
pets: Edgar, a yorkie poo & Ruby, a mini australian shepherd
spouse: Twice Married
‣ Christopher Hensley (m. 1999-2001)
‣ Lucas Kincannon (m. 2012-2014)
diagnosis: Depression/Anxiety, Recovering Anoxeric


↠ Lives in a posh condo in the Belgravia
↠ Lover a life behind the lens
↠ Very close to her nieces & nephews, Tarquinn & Addison
↠ Family oriented. Despite usual tensions with her Mum the two are very close
↠ Speaks fluent French
↠ Leisurely plays the keys
↠ Wordsmith, will often post prose, poetry and one liners emotionally driven
↠ Is admired for her fashion sense and has been placed on numerous "best dressed" lists.

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